Research Associate

Adriana Restrepo Isaza

M. Sc.

Populations ecology and conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles

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Claudia Molina

M. Sc.

Populations ecology and conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles

My research interests are focus in understand the biology of amphibians and reptiles populations and the way how they respond to different environmental pressures. I use demographic methods to have an approach to populations dynamics in order to establish their long-term trends and the ecological and evolutionary factors that determine this trends.

JP Hurtado

Juan Pablo Hurtado-Gómez

MS student, Universidad de São Paulo

Taxonomy and systematics of Squamata

My main interest is to study the diversity of neotropical lizards and snakes, describe new species and understand their phylogenetic relationships and diversification patterns.

Felipe Andrés Toro Cardona


Ecology and conservation

My research interest are geographic distribution and conservation of neotropical amphibians and reptiles.

Freddy Grisales

Freddy Alexander Grisales


Systematic and phylogenetic of Neotropical lizards

Currently my research interests focus on relationships and delimitation of species of a group of lizards (Anolis) in the northern Andes.

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Paula Espinal

MS student, Universidad de Antioquia

My research interest are the quantitative analysis in populations of reptiles, especially testudines, using computer models and simulations to understand the variability of these populations against environmental changes, and to guide research and management policy towards their recovery, in addition to, the possible implications of the life stories and their evolutionary history in demographic responses to climate change and overfishing.