Here we present our portfolio of services, please feel free to contact us for further information.


The Herpetological Museum of the Universidad de Antioquia: The GHA created the MHUA, which presently holds almost 12,000 amphibian and reptile specimens belonging to 46 Families and 414 species. The MHUA is often visited and consulted by scientists and students form differing universities and institutions in Colombia and abroad. There are no fees for use of the museum, but users are required to fill out a form that is evaluated by the directors of the museum.

Access to bibliographic resources and databases: The GHA contains a substantial amount of bibliographic material related to herpetology and biological research. This information may be consulted and on occasions loaned to the general public, with no charges fee.

Taxonomic determinations of specimens: The GHA may assist others to make taxonomic identifications of amphibian and reptile species that have been collected by others, or may explain the standard field methods for working with these organisms.


Biodiversity inventories and terrestrial vertebrates monitoring: The GHA has qualified members to identify specimens collected during the course of these environmental studies.

Studies of demographic trends in terrestrial vertebrates: The GHA is qualified to design and conduct research to estimate populational parameters (i.e., survival and reproductive rates, growth rates, age structures, sex ratios, and genetic population structure) of target species in a given area. This information is critical to design robust conservation strategies.

Enviromental Education

Environmental workshops and presentations on the herpetological fauna: The GHA designs and divulges different educational messages on science, nature, and the environment with the goal of communicating these topics in an efficient, rigorous, and accessible manner to the general public. In order to promote local fauna conservation, we offer presentations focused on the characteristics of herps and their relationships with humans.

Workshops and training related to snakes and snakebite: We offer education talks on snake biology, with particular emphasis on local species, on how to recognize venomous species in the prevention of snakebite accidents.