Vivian P. Páez

Vivian 2

Full Professor
Instituto de Biología
Office 7-136
Universidad de Antioquia
Medellín – Colombia

Phone: +57 4 2195625
Fax: +57 4 2330120

E-mail: [email protected]


B.S. in Biology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia, 1981-1984.

                          Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, 1984-1987.

Ph.D. in Ecology, Ethology and Evolution, Ohio University, USA, 1995.

Research Interests:

My research interests have focused on the effects of nest microclimatic conditions and paternal effects on fitness components of hatchlings in turtle species with Temperature-Dependent Sex determination (TSD). Recently, I also have developed projects on turtle life histories, demographics and population projection techniques as fundamental components of management plans for turtle species in Colombia. Also, as a professor at the Universidad de Antioquia and member of the Grupo Herpetológico de Antioquia, I have expanded the scope of my research to include questions and projects related to different aspects of the biology and conservation of reptiles in general, as well as the study of the herpetofaunal diversity in Antioquia.

Doctoral dissertation:

The Conservation and Nesting Ecology of the Endangered Yellow-spotted Amazonian River Turtle, Podocnemis unifilis, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, U.S.A. Pp.177.

Areas of interests:

Herpetology, Population Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Conservation Biology, Population Genetics.


– Population Ecology.

– Herpetology.

– Evolutionary Ecology.

Recent publications:

Bock, B.C, and V.P.Páez. 2017. Meta-analysis of the history of the study of the freshwater turtle and tortoise fauna of Colombia. 2017. Acta Biológica Colombiana, 22(1):67-76.

Loaiza-Piedrahíta, J.D., B.C. Bock, and V.P. Páez. 2016. Demography of the andean dart frog (Andinobates ophistomelas, Dendrobatidae) in Eastern Antioquia, Colombia. SouthAmerican Journal of Herpetology, 11(2): 81-88.

Montes-Correa, A.C., L.P. Saboyá-Acota., V. P. Páez y J.M. Renjifo. 2016. Kinosternon scorpioides (Linnaeus 1766). Catálogo de los Anfibios y Reptiles de Colombia.

Forero-Medina, G., V.P. Páez, Garcés-Restrepo, M.F., Carr, J.L, y A. Giraldo. Research and conservation priorities for toirtoises and freshwater turtles of Colombia. 2016. Tropical Conservation Science, October-December:1-14.

Gallego-García, N y V.P. Páez. 2016. Geographic variation in sex determination patterns in the turtle Podocnemis lewyana: Implications for global warming. Journal of Herpetology, 50(2):256-262.

Bock, B.C., V.P. Páez, A.S. Rand, and G.M. Burghardt. 2016. Life table and stochastic matrix projection analysis for a population of green iguanas (Iguana iguana): Implications for conservation and control. Herpetological Conservation and Biology, 11(Monograph 6):47-60.

Morales-Betancourt, M. A., V. P. Páez y C.A. Lasso (Eds.). 2015. Conservación de las tortugas continentals de Colombia: evaluación 2012-2013 y propuesta 2015-2020. Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt, Asociación Colombiana de Herpetología y Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible. Bogotá. 28 pp.

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Rendón-Valencia, B.H., D.A. Alzate y V.P. Páez. 2015. Melanismo parcial en la tortuga Podocnemis lewyana (Testudines: Podocnemididae) en el Magdalena Medio, Colombia. Biblioteca José Jerónimo Triana. En prensa.